Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day Eve - country roads, family and catfish

May 10th - Highway 76 - between Lindsay and Ratliff City, Oklahoma.  I've driven this road so many times, in so many seasons and Spring is my 2nd favorite (Autumn is my very favorite).  Spring in Oklahoma is a mixed blessing - beautiful shades of green, blue skies, flowers blooming and the sound of bird song in the air. And, spring also brings fast and furious storms that can bloom and blow across the state - some bringing much needed rain and others leaving a path of destruction along it's path.  It's the price we pay for living on the Southern Plains and the reason we keep a watchful eye on the skies (and pay attention to our local weather wizards).  But this day, was breezy and mild for a day trip to see my Mom.

Lunch out with Mama and my oldest sister, Sue (or Sue-Sue as Joe and Laney call her) in Wilson, Oklahoma.  Catfish, coleslaw, red beans and hush puppies all washed down with large glasses of iced tea with lemon.  Dessert was a large serving of peach cobbler, topped with ice cream and served with three spoons - yum!  As you can see, we were warned about parking in the wrong spot - thankfully, we all are catfish lovers from way back so we were in good shape (and not fried !)  

Just down the road from the catfish place is a local nursery - and, they were having a sale! Something we three couldn't pass up.  That's my Mom below checking out the plants and helping me pick out a few plants to take home with me and for her garden too.  Sweet potato vine and portulaca in yellow and dark pink are now growing and blooming in pots on my porch and patio.  

A pretty drive south, a good visit with family, a catfish lunch and a trunk full of pretty plants -- I'll say that was a very good day.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Projects: 'low volume' and 'gypsy prints'

My 'low volume / shabby chic' quilt is finished. 
I love it but also feel a little bit guilty for keeping it, 

For so many years, every quilt I made was for someone else.   
A new baby our large extended family,
(or a friend from church, or co-worker's first grandchild),
one (or all) of our 6 grandchildren, a friend facing weeks of chemo - - -
the list for quilt was always long. 
But, my mind was eased by my husband. 
After seeing the quilt all bound and finished, he took one look and said 'it looks like you'.  
And, so - with no more guilt - I've accepted that pretty quilt belongs to me.
Of course, there were no doubts about the 'Six Fat Quarter Bag'  --
stitched up at our last Guild Sew Day. Yes, that big, loud,  gypsy print bag -
just right for toting quilts (and other large projects) -- is mine !!

PS - No header picture today. My new computer and Blogger are currently not communicating very well. I'm hoping they can find some common ground and come to a more productive working relationship soon.  4/17/14  Willie Jay (my personal computer wizard) has convinced my new computer to play nicely with Blogger. We shall see if the truce will hold.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Quilts - low volume and cats

This quilt has been in back of my mind for years - pale colors, pretty florals and prints.  Who knew it was actually a 'low volume' quilt !!   Piecing the backing was done a week ago and I delivered to the long-arm quilter yesterday. After years of making quilts for others - this will be the first quilt made just for me.  I'm thinking a pretty pale blue binding -  it's double stamp weekend in honor of National Quilting Day which just might mean a trip to my LQS on Saturday.

It's a different story for the quilt  below - it hasn't been in the back of my mind for years - it's been tucked away, half finished, in a box for years (15+ years I think).  Began before learning about rotary cutters and the importance of 1/4 inch seams. It's not perfect and the cat fabric that was so cute in the 90's is so very old -- it will probably be back in style again soon.  But, it has a lot of memories stitched into it - and it deserves to be completed and used and loved.  Sewing up the pieced backing and adding some old embroidery I can bear to part with - I'm thinking of quilting this one myself or maybe even doing some 'big stitch' quilting.  One thing is for sure, the grandkids will love it.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

I became an 'exhibitor', received a gift, and stitched some 'love'

My guild, OKC Modern Quilt Guild, exhibited at the local Winter Quilt show -- and, I was there. Actually all I did was help dismantle the amazing display of quilts by guild members.  But, I did get my very own name tag, which was really cool.   

All the members volunteering at the quilt show received a 'thank you' gift made by a Guild Member (thanks Shir!!)   Such a cute and clever idea.  I just might need to copy this for gifts this year !

I took a deep breath and did my first paper-piecing this month - a LOVE block to honor Valentine's Day.  I won't say it was easy, but with my dyslexic brain, the process sort of made sense.  Of course, if you look close enough you can see an extra piece of background fabric that was needed (lower left corner).  Trying to paper-piece while watching a 'Walking Dead' marathon is not a good thing!

Now to do something with this block: 
mini-quilt, a pillow, the center block of a baby quilt -- lots of choices.  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

These things I know are true . . . .

I'm glad to be at an age that knows the following statements are true . . . . 
1. It is much more fun to decorate the tree, than to un-decorate the tree
2. Knitting in December is best done by the glow of twinkle-lights
3. Christmas cookies with coffee (liberally laced with half & half) make a fine breakfast
4. Candlelight Christmas Eve Service shared with two grandbabes and their Mama is very special
5. Christmas is (and always has been) about much more than 'things' !