Saturday, December 3, 2011

Verbs of the season . . . .

Baking:  a new Gingerbread Cookie recipe  - it received 'rave reviews' from my family.  This recipe is a 'keeper' (I'll post the recipe soon ).  

Enjoying:  the last of my 'Linda' roses -- still pretty in early December and it makes me smile every time I see it  (Mr. Snowman agrees!) 

Wrestling:  'Grandbabe' quilts on my dining room table  -- two are bound and ready to be wrapped up for Christmas --  one more to go and my holiday quilting will be done.

Knitting:  a tiny Elf hat and scarf for a special little girl who still 'believes'.  Who knew you could 'stitch' some Christmas magic with needles and yarn !

Dreaming:  of a new project - one that will take me a year to finish and I can't wait to start (but, first I'll need more than one skein of yarn!)

Lots to do over the next couple of weeks - but, I'm taking my time to savor each task and remember the real reason for this holiday.

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