Friday, January 20, 2012

Car Pool Waltz . . .

Yesterday - 2:45 pm
Car pool line - Piedmont, Oklahoma

Time to read a cookbook or two
(yes, I 'read' cookbooks - doesn't everybody?)
and work on a small knitting project
(another baby hat - they are like potato chips - you can't stop at just one!)
Tissues close at hand
(still fighting the sniffles/coughing - but, so much better than last week)

By the way, this is how much knitting progress was made on the little purple hat - almost 3 inches

And then, the doors open, 
one teacher with a clip board starts her walk
along the length of cars that completely wrap around the building. 

As she walks, she lists names from signs posted in the car windows
(but, in most cases, she knows what cars go with which children).

The bell rings and children pour out the doors and stand in line -
hopping and skipping in place.

One by one, vehicles pull to the head of the line,
a teacher and child (or children) come forward,
car doors are opened, children step in, 
seat belts are secured, doors are closed
and another school pickup is done.

It's at this point, I'm sure
every parent/grandparent hears the same thing --
" I'm hungry! " 
It's a good thing that MoMo has snickerdoodles and fruit roll-ups ready !!!

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