Thursday, March 22, 2012

Capturing blue skies

It's been a bit soggy lately -- and, I've been missing the Prairie Blue Skies. 
Don't get me wrong, I've very thankful for the rain. After last year and our months and months of not a drop of rain - these past few days have been such a blessing. 

It's just that grey is not my favorite color and my eyes (and heart/soul) have been wishing for brighter colors in my day.  And, yesterday afternoon, between showers, I got my wish. 

Looking up from my desk around 3pm, I saw bits of blue sky peeking out of white clouds - no grey to be seen. All that color had me rushing outside with my camera (why, yes I do take my camera everywhere - doesn't everyone?). 

There I was standing outside our office building, camera pointing up and snapping pictures (it's a wonder I did not wind up on YouTube as that crazy lady taking sky/cloud pictures!)  I didn't care, the blue sky with all those puffy white clouds was beautiful and I needed to capture all that it in photo.  Just look  at that lovely shade of blue !


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