Monday, August 27, 2012

Granny-ing Along

It's been so hot this summer that knitting with a lap full of wool yarn has not be high on my list.  But, I've still managed to create with wool - just on a much smaller scale. 

Granny Squares that will hopefully become a lap blanket soon.  Began as a way to use up my left-over Berroco Vintage Wool yarn -- that only lasted for a few Grannys -- so far I think I've purchased at least 9 skeins. Each Granny is approximately 7 inches and I'm thinking of doing 7x7 rows which, with a border, should make 50" square.  But, then again, my skill with math has always been an iffy thing - which means I'll stitch until it's big enough or I get thoroughly tired of the Grannys.   In the mean time, the Grannys are keeping me well entertained !  

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