Friday, December 21, 2012

Pecan Pie + Brownies = Sugar High

It all started with me reading some of my fav blogs - and seeing a recipe, for Pecan Pie-Brownies, follow this link to get the recipe (  ).  Brownies with pieces of pecan pie all through the batter - yes please. 

I printed off the recipe and made a batch last night -- the picture below is what my kitchen looked like after the brownies were in the oven.  Please notice that chocolate is everywhere - even on the handle of the saucepan.  And, let me tell you that cutting an entire pecan pie into bite size pieces is not an easy task -- bits of pie crust flew in every direction. But, I'm here to tell you,  it was very well worth the effort  - - -   

- - just feast your eyes on all these yummy looking brownies!  I filled 2 tins and this large container - in fact, the recipe makes so much batter that I baked it in one 9x13-inch pan and an 8-inch pan and I still had nice thick brownies.  These brownies are chewy and chocolatey with bits of rich pecan pie in every bite - a very decadent dessert just perfect for the holidays. 

Tonight - I'm making gingerbread cookies and Kahlua Balls.  I'm on a roll (and a 'sugar high') !!

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