Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wonky, colorful and entertaining . . . .

Being the daughter of a 'Depression Baby' and living through a few Oil Busts here in Oklahoma has taught me a thing or two about 'making do' or 'upcycling'.  The thing is I have a hard time throwing away fabric scraps --

Which brings me to this project -  not bad for my first attempt with t-shirt yarn - I give it a 'C+' -- mainly because the knit t-shirt scraps were used and not pitched into the trash --  it was a fun/quick project  -- and it's actually being used -- although I may have misjudged the size needed for our very plump cat, Libby-Lou!

Libby's very colorful cat rug/bed was crocheted with  'Yarn'  made from  cotton t-shirt scraps   
using this tutorial: 

The only change I made to the tutorial was using my rotary cutter and mat to make the first cuts, then using scissors for the diagonal cuts to create continous strips.  As I wound the strips into balls, I tugged on the strips until the edges rolled creating a nice 'yarn'.  Using a size K hook, I crocheted  an oval out of double-crochet stitches to the size I thought would work, then continued hooking (with a few decreases throw in) until I had a shallow 3-inch edge and called it 'done'. 

It's a bit wonky but I'm happy with it and Libby seems to like laying on it - which means less cat hair to vacuum off the carpet --and, the project kept me entertained on a cold and dreary Saturday! 

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