Thursday, April 25, 2013

My therapy . . . .

n., pl. -pies.
1. the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitative, or    curative process: speech therapy.
2. a curative power or quality.
3. any act, task, program, etc., that relieves tension.

This bag of  'therapy'  supplies was purchased two weeks ago from my local yarn shop. I spent a couple of hours, petting and fondling the yarns, talking knitting with the shop owner and her staff.  I drove home, did some weekend chores and a bit of creative sewing and the yarn was stashed in my knitting bag and forgotten.

And, then this past week I had need for my little bag of 'therapy supplies'  to perform an  'act, task, program, etc, that relieves tension'.   The absolutely senseless bombings in Boston, the poison laced letters mailed to a Senator & our President, the defeat of the gun bill in the senate, and, the news of an explosion that ripped through the little community of West, Texas.  Like most of America, I felt bruised, battered and my heart ached. 

I  clicked away from the constant news channels and onto a DIY home improvement show.  With the television volume on low, the skeins of yarn were wound into balls, needles chosen and stitches cast on -- I so needed that gentle rhythm of yarn & needles, working together.  Knitting to me is a form of meditation - my mind clears and my spirit lifts.  The needles make a soft clicking sound that is music to my ears - my body relaxes and my hands seem to perform the motions required almost on their own.  And, as the yarn and needles make cloth out of strands of yarn  --  I think of all those in need of comfort and strength -- and, my meditation turns to prayer.  

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