Thursday, May 30, 2013

Snapshots . . . . . long weekend

After the all the 'shake rattle and roll' weather last week - 
I think everyone in Oklahoma was ready for a very quiet long holiday weekend. 

I did remember to fly my little flags for all those who serve their country.
WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan - where ever or when ever they served.  
 -- they were honored with a little bit of red, white & blue blowing in the Oklahoma wind. 

I did a bit of tidying up in my little sewing corner  (it was way past due)
A bit of sewing happened: 3 pairs of sleep shorts and one twirly skirt.
Those bright flowers remind me of the 60's -- and make me smile!

Discovered the series 'Longmire' on our streaming Netflix -
and watched 5 episodes from the first season back-to-back.  
How did I miss this show last year ?
Good storylines and I'm getting very attached to these characters already. 
Need to watch 4 more episodes before the new season begins next week. 

It was just the weekend I needed

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