Friday, August 2, 2013

Hex-ed !!

I've always loved the look of quilts made using the English Paper Piecing method -- especially the Grandmother's Garden quilts.  Those quilts were loved and admired from afar by me -- too many little pieces and then there's that fiddly paper thingy that you stitch fabric around -- so not my 'cup of tea'.
A few months ago, I started seeing projects on Pinterest ( why yes, I do know it's a total 'time suck' - but, I'm addicted and don't care who knows it! ):  so many projects for sweet little hexagons to be stitched into tote bags and pillows and table runners.
And, then at our Guild 'sew night' last month  -- there at the table right next to me --  was a woman stitching large hexagons in pretty quilting cotton.  Perfect hexagons that she just kept stitching and stitching.  I walked over and after talking to her for just a few minutes, I was a 'hex-ed'. 
Hexagon templates were purchased and the cutting/stitching began. Behold, my new lunch-hour stitching project --and my after dinner/watching tv stitching -- and my watching the morning news stitching too. 

What am I going to make with all the hexies I'm stitching ?
I'm still 'researching'  -- and, stitching hexies !

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