Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer: little projects ( or 'Hats and Hen')

Knitting has been sparse thru the hot summer months - definitely not wanting to have a lap full of wool, even in an air conditioned environment.  Which meant little projects or to put it simply: baby hats for charity.  Very simple roll-brim hats, the kind you can knock out in a couple of evenings. I'm telling you, there's nothing cuter than a baby in a teensy hat with a top-knot.  Picture below shows just two of the many hats cranked out this summer (excuse the sprinkler shot in the background - with even/odd watering days and shorter daylight hours in the  evenings, it stays on the lawn - at the ready to be used on the correct days).  Now to get all those hats delivered -- there will be baby heads needing to be warmed before we know it - at least I'm telling myself that the 90 degree weather will go away.  

This is what happens when the heat affects your brain -- silliness occurs.  
Don't know what my terra-cotta hen was thinking, those hats are so not her size !!!

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