Thursday, October 17, 2013

Small Bag Swap - (v.v.happy)

First bag: cute with that pink elephant but, it's very small and has many mistakes.  But, it's already been spoken for by my youngest grand-daughter - she loves it and that makes me happy.

Second bag:  used strips from my scrap basket for the body and fabric ends on the zipper making the installation much easier.  Like it a lot - and it will most likely go into my 'gift drawer' for one of my grand-daughters.  The stripes and bold colors make me happy -- but, still not quite what I'm looking for . . . . .

Fourth bag:  Fold Over Clutch - completely off track and happy that it was a quick/easy project  -  but again, not what I'm wanting  . . . . .

Ta Da !  
Fifth Bag:  using pattern for 1st bag, adjusting the height and using fabric ends for the zipper installation - this bag was ready for my Quilting Guild Small Bag Swap.  I was sitting next the to member who drew my bag and she was delighted with it -- color me 'very happy'

O my !   The bag that came home with me -- seriously cute and it will come in very handy in my knitting project bag.  Very very happy indeed !!!!

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