Friday, December 20, 2013

Snapshots: faster and faster . . . .

My Mom has been telling me for years, that as you get older - time goes by faster. 
And, you know, she is so right. 
These past few weeks have been a blur.
Below is just a sample of the 'snapshots' happening around our house.

Texas Sheet Cake (or as my Mom calls it 'Sheath Cake').  Beyond decadent - dark chocolate cake, covered with fudge frosting, loaded with toasted pecans.  After consuming a piece (or 2 or 3) you seriously need a nap!

Spending time with two grandbabes (and grandpup) while their parents were out of town.  School runs, Girl Scout meetings, dinner together, working on our Super Secret Santa Project -- so many sweet memories made together.  At the end of four days, I was tired but so happy with time spent with my 'monkees'.

The gifts are bought (and wrapped), most of the cookie baking is done -- now, it's time to sew: pj pants with matching pillowcases for Christmas Eve.  Better get busy !!

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