Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Stitching :: ' breaking for quick projects '

No matter how much I love piecing all those bits/pieces of fabric into a quilt top -- I find that after a couple of hours - a 'piecing' break is needed.  This past weekend I used my breaks for two 'quick projects'

I'm slowly overcoming my fear of ruffles with this book (purchased with birthday money - 'sweet' !):: 
The instructions are easy to follow; and, for me, the best part --  there are lots of pictures & diagrams.    Very quick little sewing project and so girlie !  Now to see if Laney-Bug agrees.


On my next break, I did some revisions on a Rebeka Lambert pattern, 'Market Bag' (please check our her blog at -- her amazing patterns can be purchased in her etsy shop:  

I've made this bag before and it's the perfect size for the Farmer's Market, big and roomy -- but, I wanted to 'downsize' it just a bit -- to a size more suited for a 'tween' grand-daughter.  So very pleased with the 'redux' on this pattern --

Now I need to make 4 more for remaining grand-daughters (and maybe a bag for each of my sisters?!).  The bags will make wonderful gift bags for birthdays and Christmas (a multi-tasking gift!).  Now to dig out more fabric from my stash !   

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