Friday, September 2, 2011

Need something for the 'blahs'

I hate to admit it – but, my current quilt is not working for me.  Just not feeling the love.  And, the feeling was confirmed when I took it to the Stitchers meeting Monday night and heard mixed reviews from the friends.  This is what I get for sewing in a rush to finish instead of paying attention to my instincts about color/texture/design – no one to blame by myself.

In an effort to solve the problem -- Tuesday night I pulled the ‘blah’ quilt top out and tried to ‘audition’ some borders – thinking that I could find some color that would make the rest of the quilt really pop.  Check out the pictures below – go ahead, I’ll wait.  (Yes, I know the pictures are awful, but what do you expect when it’s 9pm-- dark outside -- and my overhead light is one of those ‘save the earth’ bulbs that my husband and OG&E have installed in every dang fixture in the house!)

OK - do you see what I’m talking about ?   Not working is it ?
Here's what I'm thinking :  
  • Adding 3 inch strips between every 2 or 3 rows -- in a pretty Kona cream.  Might give the quilt a cleaner look  by breaking up all those prints. 
  • Or maybe doing 3 or 4  large flowers in one corner using raw-edge applique and match them to a rose-red small print border. 
This quilt top definitely needs something to perk it up.  And, whatever I decide -- one thing is for sure --  the seam ripper and I will be BFFs this holiday weekend.  With some time & luck -- I hope to have a 'new & improved' quilt top next week. 

Note to self:  scrappy / random is hard !

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