Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everyone has a story . . . some stranger than others

Sometimes I see people here in the City and wonder 'what's their story?'  Because you know, in a lot of cases,  it's got be doozy.  For example: Monday night on my drive home I saw a car with all sorts of bumper stickers, all inviting Aliens to come to Earth.  That was strange enough, but the owner of the car (for the record - the driver was male) had drawn alien pictures all over the back glass -- Aliens jumping around, waving, smiling -- very odd indeed.

You have to wonder about the gentlemen driving this vehicle - and his story.
Is he a big SciFi fan?
Is he promoting a business dealing in Alien memorabilia?
Perhaps he is an Alien and wants to go home?
All these things went through my mind as I was smiling at his Alien art-work.

But what really made me laugh was the 'Obama-Biden' bumper sticker tucked in among all the Aliens.  I'm sure this isn't what the Obama-Biden volunteers pictured when they were passing out bumper stickers?!! 

Note:  Sorry no picture of the 'Alien Car' - by the time I thought to take a picture -  the Aliens made a right turn and were gone. 

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