Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today: May 24, 2012

outside . . .  cloudy skies with winds blowing  down the plains at  25 to 30 mph, definitely a ‘bad hair’ day

cooking/eating . . .  lots of salads and fresh fruits --  would be healthy if I didn’t love Thousand Island dressing so much

creating . . .  little  knitted baby hats -- and with luck, this weekend will start a baby girl quilt

remembering . . . to slow down and enjoy the little things that truly make my life sweet

reading . . .  so many books, (a Terry Brooks series, ‘Shelter Me’, ‘Lost & Found’, ‘The Choir’).- between my Kindle  & the Better World Books website, there's usually 3 books in rotation, with many more waiting their turn

hoping . . .  for a quiet long holiday weekend – filled with family, food and some sewing/knitting (and maybe a movie too)

hearing . . .  the birds in the mornings – we have a Mockingbird  in the neighborhood and his songs make me smile

home . . .  enjoying our new carpet – as my youngest grandbabe said ‘it’s soft & fluffy’ on our bare feet   

tonight . . .  spending time with two grandbabes (rumor has it that we might make a run to Braums for ice cream)

from my picture journal . . .  flowers for the front walk - Million Bells & Broom

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