Friday, June 15, 2012

How does 'My' garden grow . . . .

No cockle shells, silver bells and pretty maids all in a row I'm sorry to say.
And, even though my name is not 'Mistress Mary' - 'my' garden does grow. 

I do have hosta plants with green leaves all bordered in white --
Just love the texture they add to my garden.
And, I've finally found a way to keep the pesky gopher away -- 
plant them in sunken terra cotta pots, and he can't nibble at the roots.  

The begonias are so pretty this year -- they are a garden stand-by for me --
I never grow tired of those glossy leaves and delicate flowers.
Although, Willie Jay, would tell you have way too many at the moment! 


Thank you again LB for this sweet old-fashioned basket.
Like so many things in my garden (and in my life) --
 the imprint of your love and generous heart are every where. 

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