Thursday, December 6, 2012

December verbs . . . . . .

Unwrapping the Nativity Scene - with two helpers.  Each figure was carefully placed in the stable as we talked about why we celebrate Christmas.  Of course, the little curly red-head thought Mary's robe should have been pink and that Baby Jesus needed a blankie that was more colorful -- because, don't you know, even a Messiah and His Mother should be fashionable.

Tasting the double chocolate cookie dough - they both helped with the mixing, measuring, and; their favorite - breaking the eggs.  According to these two, the cookie dough taste much better when eaten directly from the beaters. 

Sorting out the Christmas cookie cutters - this took a long time as the merits of sugar stars vs gingerbread men was discussed at length.  The gingerbread men won the vote (along with gingerbread stars, mittens, snowflakes, trees, etc. . . . .)   These two love gingerbread cookies.

Enjoying all the verbs in my December . . . . .

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