Monday, January 28, 2013

My little space . . . .

For the life of me, I have never understood how those lucky enough to have a large craft/sewing studio - keep them neat and tidy.  I see all those beautifully organized work spaces in quilting magazines - fabric folded and tucked away in a antique hutch or stacked in custom-made shelves draped with swags of hand-made bunting.  All that organized/labeled glory simply takes my breath away -- but, then I realize they might be just like me -- creative and messy -- just on a much larger scale!  That all those studios aren't always that pretty all the time.  Which means I feel better about sharing these pictures of my little space - before & after.

Here's what it looked like last week - all the sewing/crafting/knitting leading up to Christmas had taken it's toll.  Which led me to take a few organizing ideas from those magazine studios I've been admiring.  Ideas that will help me keep the space more 'user friendly' and ready to use whenever I have a few minutes to create.

My weekend was spent sorting and purging - gaining a bit of control over the 'stuff'.  Some works-in-progress were put in large zip-locks and stored in the large black plastic tote that now sits on my sewing table. My current project (using only stash flannel - more about that when it's finished) is waiting for me in another black tote under the table - ready when I am.

Other WIPs were abandoned - fabric returned to stash or donated - what matters is that they are gone.   And, I'm telling  you - it feels good to have my space all neat and tidy.  It may not be 'magazine' pretty - but, it's my little corner of the creative world !

Note:  Large plastic tote on table: Target $7.99 - Large plastic bucket tote under table: WalMart $4.84 -- both are very sturdy and hold lots of 'stuff' !!

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