Monday, February 4, 2013

Flannel + stitching + clipping = Fluffy !

Find a box full of flannel prints (left overs of pajama pant making for the grandbabes)
Can't bear to throw out or donate - cut into 10 inch squares. 
Stack two squares (wrong sides together)& sew an X through each set of squares.
Lay out squares into rows & stitch together in random pattern, using 1-inch seam allowance.
(I added a half-square to each row to off-set the seams)
Stay-stitch around entire quilt, 1 inch from edge.
Clip all seams and edges while watching Downton Abbey.
Throw in the dryer for 15 minutes.

Result:  Fluffy Ragg Quilt -
perfect for movie nights at MoMo & Papa Bill's!
Size:  65"x74"

On another note:   I barely knew which teams were playing yesterday -
but, I did contribute to the Super Bowl Sunday madness.
Purchased at my local quilt shop during their Super Bowl Sale -- 30% off !!

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