Friday, April 11, 2014

Projects: 'low volume' and 'gypsy prints'

My 'low volume / shabby chic' quilt is finished. 
I love it but also feel a little bit guilty for keeping it, 

For so many years, every quilt I made was for someone else.   
A new baby our large extended family,
(or a friend from church, or co-worker's first grandchild),
one (or all) of our 6 grandchildren, a friend facing weeks of chemo - - -
the list for quilt was always long. 
But, my mind was eased by my husband. 
After seeing the quilt all bound and finished, he took one look and said 'it looks like you'.  
And, so - with no more guilt - I've accepted that pretty quilt belongs to me.
Of course, there were no doubts about the 'Six Fat Quarter Bag'  --
stitched up at our last Guild Sew Day. Yes, that big, loud,  gypsy print bag -
just right for toting quilts (and other large projects) -- is mine !!

PS - No header picture today. My new computer and Blogger are currently not communicating very well. I'm hoping they can find some common ground and come to a more productive working relationship soon.  4/17/14  Willie Jay (my personal computer wizard) has convinced my new computer to play nicely with Blogger. We shall see if the truce will hold.

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