Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day Eve - country roads, family and catfish

May 10th - Highway 76 - between Lindsay and Ratliff City, Oklahoma.  I've driven this road so many times, in so many seasons and Spring is my 2nd favorite (Autumn is my very favorite).  Spring in Oklahoma is a mixed blessing - beautiful shades of green, blue skies, flowers blooming and the sound of bird song in the air. And, spring also brings fast and furious storms that can bloom and blow across the state - some bringing much needed rain and others leaving a path of destruction along it's path.  It's the price we pay for living on the Southern Plains and the reason we keep a watchful eye on the skies (and pay attention to our local weather wizards).  But this day, was breezy and mild for a day trip to see my Mom.

Lunch out with Mama and my oldest sister, Sue (or Sue-Sue as Joe and Laney call her) in Wilson, Oklahoma.  Catfish, coleslaw, red beans and hush puppies all washed down with large glasses of iced tea with lemon.  Dessert was a large serving of peach cobbler, topped with ice cream and served with three spoons - yum!  As you can see, we were warned about parking in the wrong spot - thankfully, we all are catfish lovers from way back so we were in good shape (and not fried !)  

Just down the road from the catfish place is a local nursery - and, they were having a sale! Something we three couldn't pass up.  That's my Mom below checking out the plants and helping me pick out a few plants to take home with me and for her garden too.  Sweet potato vine and portulaca in yellow and dark pink are now growing and blooming in pots on my porch and patio.  

A pretty drive south, a good visit with family, a catfish lunch and a trunk full of pretty plants -- I'll say that was a very good day.

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