Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Giving up the 'auto' setting

Experimenting with some 'new to me' settings on my digital camera.  I've had this camera for 5 years and I'm just getting around to learning what all the buttons do - crazy, I know. 
This out-of-focus picture was taken in low light without a flash - snapped at 6:30 this morning as I listened to the morning news/weather and did a bit of crocheting. 

Would have gotten a much better shot if I had taken the time to flip on the overhead light and turned on my macro setting.  Need to remember that next time.  -- and, also need to remind myself that relying on the 'auto' button won't get me the pictures I really want.  More 'expermential' shots to come.

Notes:  The basket is a vintage Longaberger, a birthday gift from my sister, Vali  --  the basket's not only pretty with it's leather handles and brass plate -- it's also perfect for holding granny-square supplies. 

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